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NOTICE: April 23, 2019 2 Pups N’ Cat needs your help! We have released our Kickstarter Project. Please visit our Kickstarter Project by Clicking Here.

Join the magical, educational adventures of Buster, Chance, Jasper, and David in the children’s adventure show 2 Pups N’ Cat. Learn about science, math, geography, history, and spelling in a fun and magical way. The show is created for, well…everyone. From young to young at heart! Some shows may be a little more advanced then what toddlers and young children may understand. As we release each show we will place a recommend children’s age on each show. This is just a recommendation. By no means are we saying that a toddler can’t watch an episode on, ex. the solar system that is made more towards young teenagers. Rest assured, all of 2 Pups N’ Cat episodes are family friendly and are G rated including our blooper reels*. 

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2 Pups N’ Cat is gender neutral. Encouraging both girls, boys, and gender fluid, equally!

Most importantly many of our 2 Pups N’ Cat characters have disabilities. Teaching children that we are unique and creative in our own way and respecting and accepting each other’s unique disabilities. For example, one of the main characters is Charlie, a rabbit that grows hydroponic food for the 2 Pups N’ Cat community. Charlie has down syndrome. It’s important that children with disabilities have characters they can relate to and identify with. Not to give away too much but a few of the characters will have A.D.D., dyslexia, and cerebral palsy.

With smartphones, tablets, game boxes, and virtual reality headsets its harder than ever to get children outside these days. That’s where 2 Pups N’ Cat comes in. 2 Pups N’ Cat takes place in a magical cabin in the wilderness. 2 Pups N’ Cat encourages children to get out in nature like we do in the show and explore for themselves the wonders and magic of our planet.

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Kickstarter Campaign

May of 2019 we are releasing a Kickstarter campaign for the funding we need to create season 2 that is partially animated. If we are successful we will be able to release 26 new episodes for season 2 that are partially animated. Plus, an additional 52+ project episodes. But, we won’t be able to do this without your help by making this Kickstarter campaign a success. We’re asking for your pledge. Even $1.00 can help meet our goal. But, most importantly. We need you to share our campaign with your family and friends. It’s the only way it will be a success! Once the Kickstarter campaign goes live we will send out an email notifying you that it’s live. Plus! There are some amazing rewards that you can receive for making a pledge. Pretty Awesome! ?   If you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Doing so you will get instant access to a “Wacky Wednesday” video that we created. And it is pretty funny.

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*Please note, we do have a blog/news category and an adult newsletter for adults (18+). It’s intended for adults, parent(s)/guardien(s), foster parents, etc. Of course, it’s “G” rated but the subject matter is intended for 18 years old, plus (18+).