About 2 Pups N’ Cat

2 Pups N’ Cat was created by David Swanson. David grew up watching PBS shows such as Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. It’s been a dream of David to be able to create his own unique show to bring to children. A show that educates, inspires and creates an inquisitive nature in children. All while teaching science, math, geography, spelling, and history in a fun creative way that children want to engage in viewing.

If you know David at all he is a huge animal lover. David is a vegetarian and fights for the humane treatment of animals. David adopted Jasper in July of 2012 and Buster and Chance in December of 2014. They instantly became a family. When visiting his brother’s family in California and playing with his young niece and nephew an idea sparked. Bring a safe, educational show, that inspires creativity and learning to Children. That’s when 2 Pups N’ Cat was born.

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