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His name is David Swanson. He plays David in 2 Pups N' Cat. You can learn more about David on the About page by clicking here.

Buster and Chance were born in Orlando Florida on November 11, 2013.
Yes, they came from the same litter. Although their primary color is different they have the same markings underneath and have a lot of the same characteristics.
According to the people that David adopted Buster and Chance from their breed is Black Mouth Cur. Which most people have not heard of. However, if you Wiki the Disney dog Old Yeller you will find that he was also a Black Mouth Cur. In a future episode of 2 Pups N' Cat, we may do a DNA test to find out full details on David, Buster, Chance, and Jasper.
Jasper is a female calico cat.
Jasper was rescued by David at the Orange County animal rescue unit in Orlando Florida when Jasper was just a baby. Her exact birthday is unknown. However, David adopted her on July 18, 2012, which is her celebrated birthday date.
David, Buster, Chance, and Jasper travel a lot! But, they call the beautiful state of Colorado home!

Absolutely! David, Buster, Chance, and Jasper would love to hear from them?
Please use our support contact form to send a message. Choose "Children Messages to 2 Pups N' Cat" department. Click here to visit the support page.

PLEASE NOTE: David, Buster, Chance, and Jasper travel A LOT! so it may take some time to respond. But be assured we love to hear from you and we read all your messages!!!

  • Favorite color is green
  • David is a vegetarian
  • Loves to hike in the mountains with Buster and Chance
  • Loves road trips
  • Favorite music is soft jazz with piano
  • Plays the piano
  • Has severe dyslexia
  • Had ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Huge Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager, and Star Trek Deep Space Nine fan!
  • Nickname is Buster Brown Buster
  • Loves to play, is extremely curious, enjoys swimming and playing frisbee
  • Loves to snuggle and be under covers while sleeping
  • Adventurous
  • Likes to climb rocks
  • Always takes the front seat while driving
  • Enjoys teasing his sister Jasper
  • Nickname is Chancy
  • Loves to be petted, rubbed, and massaged
  • Snores is David's ear when he sleeps at night.
  • Takes all the pillows. More pillows the better!
  • Favorite play time is playing tug a war with a rope
  • Is a very picky eater
  • Gives his all at everything he does
  • LOVES to give giant bear hugs!
  • Jasper's nickname is Sassy
  • She likes to keep her brothers (Buster and Chance) in their place
  • She likes to be clean
  • Likes to sleep on David's head at night
  • LOVES food!
  • Likes to play with David's hair when he is laying down or sleeping
  • Loves her afternoon nap(s)sssss... on David's lap while he works on the computer

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