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We Need Your Help! – 2 Pups N’ Cat

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Guffey, CO., April 23, 2019, For immediate release. 2 Pups N’ Cat has just launched an amazing Kickstarter campaign for their partially animated children show that teaches science, math, history, geography, and spelling in a unique, magical, entertaining way. Plus, many of the characters have disabilities. Like Charlie, a rabbit with Down syndrome. Wainbown, a hummingbird with a speech impediment, and Whispers, a deer covered in burn scars. Learn more at our Kickstarter Project or use this short link

2 Pups N’ Cat is a brand new, break out show that is centered in the wilderness in the magical cabin. 2 Pups N’ Cat teaches children of all ages about science, math, history, geography, and spelling. In a fun, unique, creative, magical way. Many of the characters in 2 Pups N’ Cat has disabilities. This will give children with disabilities a character that they can identify with. 

David Swanson the creator and host were quoted in saying “Growing up with my own disability, severe dyslexia was difficult as I had no role model or character that I could identify with. Having a character in a children’s show would have been amazing to have. That’s why it’s so important that we are able to bring this show to children around the world”. David Swanson also was quoted as saying “Not only will we have characters with more well know disabilities but also rare disabilities and conditions”. This will serve two purposes David said. One, to give children with these rare disabilities a chance to know they’re not alone and have someone they can identify with. But also to teach others about these disabilities and conditions. To teach that we are unique in our own way with our own disabilities and conditions and that learning and accepting is the key.

2 Pups N’ Cat takes place in the wilderness at the magical cabin. Another main focus point of 2 Pups N’ Cat is to get children excited about the outdoors and encourage children to put down the smartphones, tablets, game boxes, and virtual reality headsets and explore the world around them. In the show, there will be many episodes where David and the character are outside exploring nature. Learning about nature. Doing projects outside. 

2 Pups N’ Cat uses the latest in technology. One of these is from Adobe. With Adobe Character Animator we are able to bring the characters to life. Each month 2 Pups N’ Cat will have a live session where children can interact with the Characters. 2 Pups N’ Cat will be doing live streaming meetups which includes having a telescope party. Streaming live viewing the moon and planets. Teaching children in real-time about these objects while streaming what’s being viewed in the telescope. 

We can’t do this without your help and making the Kickstarter project a success. Please join us by heading over to the Kickstarter project to learn more. Please have a leap of faith and make a pledge. And as David Swanson, the host and creator of 2 Pups N’ Cat says “Most importantly, share this Kickstarter project with your friends and family. It’s the only way it will be a success”. 

Thank you!

David Swanson would be more than happy to answer any questions and perform interviews.
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